Capturing Beautiful Love Stories Authentically

How will you Capture my Wedding Day?

I’ll creatively document everything as it happens. My aim is for my photography to represent all the amazing little moments that make up your wedding.

I know how long you've spent planning all the details too. I make sure to pay special attention to noticing all the little touches which make your day unique.

The Couple Photos

I understand how important it is to really enjoy your wedding day with all your loved ones and I won't steal you away for too long.

We’ll go on a short adventure and I’ll capture you interacting as a couple.

What a typical wedding day looks like?


I'll arrive at bridal prep nice and early. I usually spend the first 30 mins capturing details. Making everyone feel comfortable that I'm there until everyone's had their make up done.


I'll head off to the ceremony location so I can find the best position for me to be during the ceremony and so I'm there in plenty of time for your arrival.


During the ceremony. I'll capture emotional moments from you and your guests which tells the story in the best way possible.


Congratulations. You're married! You'll be greeted by all of your guests and I'll be there to capture the special moments of embrace.


If you've asked for group photos this is the best time to do it while everyone is together.

I advice you pick 8-10 group photos as this will take 20-30 minutes. Family photos are important but you don't want to be standing in the same sport all day missing out on the canapes. If you're looking for a huge list of group photos it's likely that I'm not the right photographer for you.


You've just been married and flooded with interactions from your guests for the last 45mins. I bet it's been pretty overwhelming. I like to use our couples photos session as time for you to get away and spend some time on your own. We'll go a short walk and I'll capture you interacting together. No awkward posing.


We'll return to the party. I'll go mingle with your guests and capture more laughter and smiles.


Everyone is called for dinner and the speeches start. I'll position myself as unobtrusively as possible between you at the top table and the rest of your guests. I'll be there to capture all emotions which happen as the father of the groom, best man and groom tell stories of the past and toast to the future.


Speeches are finished and it's time for some food! This is also a time where I take a break and grab some food too!


If there's a lovely sunset of you just fancy some more photos I'll take you you back out for another 15 minute photo session. This is usually a great time for more photos as there's lots of soft light and you'll tend to be most relaxed. After the session I'll pop back and sort out my photo set up for the first dance.


It's time for the first dance. Whether you've been practicing something epic to show off to your guests for the last year or whether you plan to have a slow dance in front of you guests. I'll be there to capture this special moment. Typically I stay for the first 3-4 dances but depending on the how the keen the guests are to get up and dance I might stay for longer and capture more of the fun!


Package 1

10 hours Photography Coverage with 2 Photographers
10 hours Video Coverage
Images Delivered in an Online Album
5-7 minute cinematic highlight film with audio from ceremony & speeces
Engagement Session


Package 2 - *NEW*

10 Hours Photography Coverage
Second Photographer
3-4 minute highlight film
Engagement Session


Package 3 - *FAVOURITE*

10 Hours Photography Coverage
Second Photographer
Engagement Session


Package 4

5 hours Photography Coverage
Engagement Session



How do we book?

A.Fill in the contact form below. Let me know the date of your wedding and what your plans are. I'll be in touch with you within 48 hours with my availability. If you're happy to go ahead I'll send you over a contract with a booking fee which secures your date.

How long have you been photographing weddings?

A.I've been photographing weddings for about 5 years now. I was introduced to wedding photography by a friend who seen my great eye for capturing photos which tell a story and my ability to build good rapport with people quickly! I've loved ever wedding I've photographed since.

How quickly will we get our images back after the wedding?

A.The turnaround time in my contract is 6-8 weeks. This is to accommodate for busy wedding season. I typically delivery my clients their wedding album within 3-4 weeks.

How many wedding do you photograph each year?

A.I like to take a maximum of 30 wedding each year so I can really focus on my couples. However I love photographing weddings and love helping out my fellow photographers in the wedding industry so in any given year it could be up to 50.

How many photos do you deliver?

A.I delivery all the images that I feel meet the quality and tell the story of your day! (it's typically between 600-800)

Do you charge for travel?

A.If your wedding takes place 100 miles out with my address. I will work out expenses for fuel and accommodation and add that to the price of your package.

How much is your Booking Fee?

A.A non refundable booking fee of £300 is required to secure the date of your wedding. This is paid when you sign my contract.

Can I see examples of your wedding galleries?

A.Of course! Get in touch and I'll send you some link to examples of my wedding client's galleries!

What happens if we need to change the date of our wedding?

A.I'm happy to move the date of the boking permitting you can give me at least 6 months notice, the wedding takes place within 12 months of the original date and I am available.

How long have you been photographer

A.I've been a photographer for 7 years now. I've been photographing wedding for 5 years.

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